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Hemali Sodhi

Director, Crossword Books Awards

Janice Pariat

Jury - English Fiction

Somak Ghoshal

Jury - English Fiction

Vivek Tejuja

Jury - English Fiction

Naresh Fernandes

Jury - English Non Fiction

Kaveree Bamzai

Jury - English Non Fiction

Rohan Murty

Jury - English Non Fiction

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Jury - Children's Writing

Namita Gokhale

Jury - Children's Writing

Deepak Dalal

Jury - Children's Writing

Arshia Sattar

Jury - Indian Language Translation

Mukund Padmanabhan

Jury - Indian Language Translation

M Asaduddin

Jury - Indian Language Translation

Crossword Book Awards not only recognize and reward good writing, but also actively promote Indian authors and their books - making it the only Indian award of its kind to do so.

This year, the 17th Crossword Book Award will consist of the Jury Awards- Indian Fiction, Indian Non Fiction, English Language Translation & Children’s Writing Award with The Popular Award- Best Fiction Book of the year, Best Non Fiction of the year, Readers’ Choice Best Biography Book of the Year, Management Book of the Year, Health & Fitness Book of the Year, Best Children’s Book of the Year, and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

So rise to the need where the ear enjoys the melody played through the thoughtful words, eyes meet face to the written word, mind is allowed to wonder.

The Crossword Book Award is the only forum in India that gives a face to Indian authors and Indian literature, with a well-rounded jury mining gems from the length and breadth of the country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Entries can be full-length books or collections of essays or articles by an Indian author only.
  • Entries must be in English language.
  • Books published from 1st July 2018 to 31st August 2019 in India will be considered. In case, the book is yet to be released in that scenario 03 hardcopies of the finished book can be specially arranged by the publisher for the submission.
  • The decision of the Crossword Bookstores as to whether an entry is eligible shall be final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • The author of the books must be an Indian citizen & Indian Passport Holder*. The publisher must verify the author's citizenship before submitting the entries.
  • *Proof of Indian citizenship - valid Indian Passport / Voter’s ID Card / Birth Certificate / Aadhar Card must be provided if required. (If shortlisted, must be provide credentials for verification)
  • For the Translation category entries must be English translations of works in any Indian language.

These are your awards - join us in celebrating Indian writing.

The Crossword group has from the start tried to expand the readership of books in India. The Crossword Book Awards have played a significant role in this regard: they have consistently tried to promote good writing and they have brought to the attention of the Indian reading public many new books in many languages. The Awards are now, deservedly, an important feature in the Indian literary landscape.

- Amitav Ghosh, winner of the 2016(Jury),Flood of Fire

It was a wonderful honour to receive the Crossword Book Award for Leila, my first novel. That the illustrious jury picked my book from amongst so many of India’s best writers was truly gratifying. Novels take time and a great deal of unseen effort. All in all, we fail at writing more than we succeed. I will always treasure this commemoration of that meandering journey. The ecosystem and support that Crossword provides for writers is vital to the world of letters, to the world of stories. All my thanks go to the people behind this award.

-Prayaag Akbar, winner of the 2018(Jury), Leila

I have seen the Crossword Book Awards grow from their inception into the leaders they are today. So receiving the Crossword Book Lifetime Achievement Award earlier in 2018 was a wonderful gesture and an honor that I will always cherish and treasure. The Crossword Book Awards are special indeed - they renew my belief that the longing and love of reading will last long after I am gone and that is the biggest award I could ever receive!

-Sudha Murty, Winner of Lifetime Achievement Award, 2018

In the twisted times we are living through, when institutions fail in their duties and individuals shirk their responsibilities, when loudest words are often hollow and progressive ideas are scorned at, Crossword Book Awards have been standing firm, without succumbing to the amoral winds sweeping us. It is an award with courage, conviction and merit at the heart of it. I am confident Crossword Book Awards will continue to encourage lonely writers and unbridled thinkers.

-Josy Joseph, winner of the 2017(Jury), A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India

The Crossword Book Awards are unique in that they cast their net all over India and make it a point to discover writers in other languages.

-Sujit Saraf, winner of the 2017(Jury), Harilal and Sons

I was an unknown author when I won the Crossword Popular Choice Award 2010 for Chanakya's Chant but after that everyone knew me. Crossword has been an integral part of my writing journey and I sincerely hope that they will continue inspiring writers and readers of many generations.

- Ashwin Sanghi, winner of the 2010(Popular),Chanakya's Chant

Crossword Prize is the most prestigious and probably the oldest book prize in the country. The award function celebrates book, the idea of writing and the printed word like no other literary prize. It was an honour to be recognised by the Crossword Jury. I wish good luck to the organisers and winners this year.

-Akshaya Mukul, winner of the 2016(Jury), Gita Press and the Making of Hindu India

My first book, Righteous Republic: The Political Foundations of Modern India (Harvard University Press, 2012) received the Crossword Award for Non-Fiction in 2013. The prize was shared that year with Pankaj Mishra, From the Ruins of Empire. It was great for me, as the author, for my book, and for my publisher, HUP, all three, to receive this award. My husband Basharat Peer had received the same award for his first book, Curfewed Night, a few years earlier, so it was a very special thing for both of us.

-Ananya Vajpeyi, winner of the 2013, Righteous Republic: The Political Foundations of Modern India

Writers write their minds, live in hope. The Crossword Book Awards is - arguably - the finest recognition a writer can get in India for his or her work, it’s a creditable achievement for the author. The design of the trophy, an open book stuck on a long row of books, reminds the writer about his and her work and helps encourage the writer to achieve greater success. I value the Crossword Book Awards.

-Shantanu Guha Ray, winner of the 2017(Popular), Business and management